Design Concept Invitation 

The Journey of Black Professionals in Green Careers


596Acres Annual Report 2016 Design – Booklet



596Acres Annual Report 2017 Design – Booklet



Conference Program Booklet, 



below are 5 Phases outlined to help guide the process along and ensure that all parties are involved and satisfied with the final product.

“Designer design with content in mind” With projects like this the content helps drive the design and flow of information. Once content is reviewed and close to all assets are taken into account, conceptual phase 1 can be developed.

Phase I: Draft & Review

 Review Initial Content and Draft 3 Design styles regard graphical elements, typography, and photography.  Send to the committee for feedback and critique / 3 sets of 3-page samples are drafted for review.

Phase II : Revamp & Finalize

Take feedback and draft final style for publication. Send to the committee for review.

Phase III: Production Line

When the style is approved and all content is gathered from the organization, the entire publication is designed. Submission for review and copy editing to the committee.

Phase IV : Final Run

With feedback and copy edited by committee (if ended), the final draft of the guide is produced and potential test print form 3rd party printing for review.

Phase V: Project Wrap-up

Any major changes to designs or length in body copy can be addressed and final review before mass production can be started. 



Project Cost Ranges from $600 – $1200 depending on content and executables during the design planning phases. Pricing is flexible based on project budget and budgeting for printing costs.